ReLax Science Kit V1.1 (ReLax Kit)

The Special Edition ReLax Science Kit is specially augmented (with ReLax Science Learning Booklet) for science learning by high school and college students, and anyone else interested in learning and experimenting with brain waves.

(1 Sensor max. for each Controller)

USD 46.13



TSK AddL/Replacement Controller V1.0/V1.1 USD 19.77

TSK AddL/Replacement Sensor Set V1.1 USD 26.36

AddL/Replacement MM Set V1.1 (2X) USD 15.82

Accessory Pack USD 5.93

Tensive USD 4.98

NEW V1.1 Configuration:

1) Sensor without battery mounted;

2) MM V1.1 now with battery mounted; (Consummable item: please replace when battery capacity degraded.)

3) Controller unchanged.

NOTICE: LIR1220H battery capacity degrades over time, please BUY new MM V1.1 (with battery), and (optionally) REMOVE existing battery on Sensor (by cutting off battery leads.)